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How to build your Java Apps with Paketo Buildpacks - Cloud Native Tool #001

Buildpacks transform your application source code into container images without using Dockerfiles and provides production-ready buildpacks for Java apps

Install Istio and Octavia Load Balancer on Kubernetes

We are going to use Istio as a service mesh for our Kubernetes Cluster and Octavia Load Balancer as ingress gateway for mesh.

Expose your Kubernetes Ingress Controller with HAProxy and Cloudflare

In the previous article (link), we deployed a Kubernetes Cluster by Kubespray on OpenStack. Now, our cluster is in a private subnet, so we cannot reach it from the outside....

Deploy Kubernetes Cluster on OpenStack using Kubespray

In this article, you will learn how to deploy Kubernetes using Kubespray on OpenStack Cloud. Kubespray is a tool that provides a set of Ansible playbooks, inventory, provisioing tools to...